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1899 photo.jpg
Earliest known photograph of the Stanton House, taken in 1899. Courtesy of Barrie Stanton Senna,
great great granddaughter of Robert L. Stanton.
who built the house in 1868 while president
of Miami University.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton , c. 1854
Elizabeth Cady Stanton c. 1854. N.d. Photograph. Elizabeth Cady Stanton Trust, New York.

#24a President Robert L Close-up.jpg
The Rev. Robert L. Stanton as president of Miami University. N.d. Photograph. Walter Havighurst Special Collections, Miami University Libraries, Oxford.


Photograph of an illustrated map of Miami University campus and Oxford, Ohio ca. 1928. Frank Snyder Photograph Collection. Miami University Libraries. Web. 21 November 2014.


#13b World Anti-Slavery Convention.jpg
Vinter, John Alfred. 'The Abolition of the Slave Trade' (The Anti-Slavery Society Convention, 1840). N.D.. National Portrait Gallery, London. NPG. Web. 20 Nov. 2014.


The Remarkable Stantons and the Magnificent Dwelling narrative2.pdf
Saldivar, Toni and Stephen Gordon. The Remarkable Stantons and the 'Magnificent Dwelling'. 2014. PDF.

#13 World Anti-Slavery Convention.jpg
Haydon, Benjamin Robert. The Anti-Slavery Society Convention, 1840. 1841. National Portrait Gallery, London. NPG. Web. 20 Nov. 2014.


#6 Lane Theological Seminary Print.jpg
Lane Seminary Print. 1847. Ohio History Connection, Cincinnati. Web. 31 Oct. 2014

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